A Look Back at the City

Shot on assignment for Museo de la Ciudad de Mexico and Mediapro Exhibitions.

Active for some 50 years, Museo de la Ciudad de Mexico opened its first permanent exhibition space in June 2018, devoted to the analysis and study of the urban realities of Mexico’s capital. The exhibition is a social, historical, artistic and anthropological journey through the diverse depths of the capital, inviting visitors to discover the city’s roots and explore the direction in which it is going. Across eight curatorial spaces, featuring an installation of neon lights, maps, video, photography and sculpture, visitors are able to discover Mexico City’s past and present.

The last room, ‘Public Space’, presents an installation that fuses biographical documentation with environmental portraits to give voice to the city’s dwellers. From taco sellers to taxi drivers, prostitutes to traditional healers, they are all part of the landscape that makes this vibrant city what it is.