Los Menonos solo exhibition at Gallery Vasli Souza in Mälmo, Sweden

From 20 February until 21 March, Los Menonos will be exhibited at the Gallery Vasli Souza in Mälmo, Sweden. The gallery has been a centre for contemporary photography in the city since 2012. It promotes a multicultural philosophy by showcasing the work of artists from different parts of the globe and has an interest in concepts that specifically relate to cultural studies. The gallery endeavours to cover popular and often unnoticed nuances within power structures, social class, gender and nationalism.

The opening takes place on Friday 20 February at 6pm. There will also be a signing of the recently released book, Los Menonos. The address is: Gallery Vasli Souza, Gustav Adolfs Torg 10B, 21139, Mälmo, Sweden.