La Espera

"La espera (literally ‘the wait’) is a process of documenting the life of migrants, refugees and deportees across Mexico. [...] Ruiz Cirera searches for an intimate relationship with its photographed subjects, while connecting them through the universal experience of the wait.

His photographs depict men, women and children immersed in situations of frozen time. They are all waiting for something: for their visa, for the right moment to cross the border, for a message from someone they know. We can all relate to the sensation of being caught in a limbo where our faith depends on factors going beyond our possibilities and will. For the majority of us though, to be in suspension is a temporary and disjointed experience within the flow of time. For those who live a situation of displacement, frozen time is all the time to live – and it is exhausting." Elisa Rusca, 2022

Design by Phantasia Services digitally printed by Derra in Barcelona. Edition of 150